On a yearly basis we sell millions of dollars at auction! We're one of Oklahoma's most trusted auction companies conducting some of the largest auctions in Oklahoma. Our goal is to provide a quality unlike any other. Our staff is friendly and understanding knowing the best techniques on how to conduct auctions. It's about doing a good job, representing the customer's and buyer's, making new friends, having fun, and talking kinda fast. 

    Auctions are great way to get things sold at a fair market value or what two people are willing to bid something up to. I've seen buyer's get a really good price on things, and I've seen things go way beyond I could've imagined. It's all about what two people are willing to pay. As an auctioneer I never shill bid or bid against buyer's. Auctions are a fast and easy way to liquidate an estate, surplus, business, land, or farm. The difference in an auction and an estate sale is everything will sell. It's a faster process without doubt! Smaller amount of time needed for pricing and setup, no staging, no dragging it out over two or three days, no overpricing, no 50% off days, and lots more foot traffic at an auction. I try very hard to never charge a buyer's premium, and this should always be considered in choosing an auctioneer. Choose an auctioneer that is fast but understandable to the public. Buyer's like auctions.......

    *Every Month - On the second Friday we conduct an auction for the State of Oklahoma. They liquidate a great selection of cars, heavy machinery, computers, office furniture, and normally around 300+ lots of surplus. If you've never been to an auction this is probably a great way to start. It's easy and reputable with safety and security! They provide clean bathrooms and a good selection at the concession stand. Come out and join us one Friday-Brock

   *Cost- It's pretty easy and flat percentage fee taken from the proceeds. Never any out of pocket cost! We charge a flat percentage fee, advertising, and permits. All of this is provided upfront in contract form. 

 *After the sale- We provide computerized documentation on the entire sale so you know exactly what every item brought and to what buyer. No games- no buy backs- no questions-!  We collect sales tax and take care of all that on our end. Our staff will also make sure the property is left in cleaner condition than what we found it.